UTV Rentals Mercer Wisconsin

UTV Rentals : Can Am (2 person, 4 person, or 6 person) Our variety of UTV rental options are a great for friends and families looking to enjoy the outdoors in Mercer, Wisconsin.
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UTV Rental Policies

  • All UTV rentals require a $200.00 security deposit.
  • Rentals are to be paid in full 30 days prior to reservation.
  • No refunds will be returned unless unit is rented for time slot cancelled.
  • All UTV’S require a $2000.00 damage deposit.
  • Renter is responsible for any and all damage done to UTV
  • Renter is responsible for all fuel (91 No ethanol only) and any oil used
  • Renter must have a valid drivers license, and are required to abide by all state of Wisconsin laws.
  • Use of drugs or alcohol is not allowed while operating rental equipment
  • Renters must be 25 years or older
  • UTVs cannot be trailered by renter at any time.
  • No refunds for early returns
  • All UTV’s Rentals include Helmets